Galaxkey: The right sort of audit can take your accessibility from good to great

The brief

Galaxkey provide solutions for individuals and businesses to keep their data safe. Their website already had a good level accessibility, but they wanted to push themselves further.

A regular WCAG audit might tick boxes, but they wanted insights to give them a greater understanding of different disabled user’s needs so they could make their platform serve them better. So we were delighted when they asked us to do a Live Audit on the site.

Our Approach

While a Standard WCAG Audit tests samples of every type of page, a Live Audit tests key user journeys, which are what really matter to users. We sat down with the website team and selected 2 key user journeys – email sign up and navigating the shared area – to audit. Any issues identified could then be implemented across the site.

The beauty of a Live Audit is that it can be tailored to your needs. In this case, the audit was split into 2 x 4-hour sessions.

The advantage of working with Hassell Inclusion was their executives understand the software development process. This made the entire experience seamless for our team to understand and then implement. The last thing any software product company needs is to redesign everything. But the solutions provided by Hassell were easy to implement and super practical.

In the first session, developers experienced how the site worked from the perspective of people who are neurodiverse, dyslexic, colour blind, or are using older operating systems. The first-hand experience of what the issues were, and putting those issues directly in the team’s bug-tracking system, allowed the developers to implement the initial recommendations quickly, between the first and second sessions, so they could be retested during the second session.

The outcomes

Platform improvement: The audit undoubtedly improved the accessibility of the platform, via a list of prioritised recommendations and an Accessibility Statement to explain to users that fixes were being made, whilst they were being actioned.

Improvement of staff understanding of people with disabilities and how that impacts accessibility needs: Structuring the Live Audit around the needs and preferences of different types of people, rather than different technical issues, enabled the developers to understand the human reasons behind the WCAG Guidelines. This understanding could then be applied not just to the user journeys being tested, but across the platform and in future product development.

Accessibility Audits

At Hassell Inclusion we have delivered remote audits for years. We have 3 types: the Standard Compliance Audit, our Live Audits, and our new Snapshot Audits.

Live Audits accelerate a review of your current digital product, so you can rapidly support your widest customer base and be there for them at this challenging time. They are completely practical, pragmatic and outcome-focussed. They are not just a report on a shelf, but deliver a prioritised list of actions so you can make changes now. And they can be done remotely.

Whatever your reason for wanting an audit now, we have the right one to match your needs.